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Aristo Leather Kit
Retail price $2,000
Import Monster price $1,000

18 inch machined 5 spoke
Retail price $2,200
Import Monster price $1,200

Retail price $3,499
Import Monster price $1,500

Import Monster connects you to the two biggest car auctions sources available in Japan. Between these two systems, expect 10's of thousands of cars to be auctioned every day! The two systems differ, so read below for more info...

Covering 66 auction houses all over Japan, we give you direct access to all of the auctions, 6 days a week. Car information is available 2 days ahead of auction date, and all cars come with detailed auction sheets showing you the condition of the car. This system does not show you the start price (nor the sale price) of the cars, however with literally thousands of cars being auctioned each day, you"re sure to find something you like! Check it...

Covering the cars section of Yahoo, this system operates in the same way that the rest of the Import Monster auction system does. Auctions are usually 7 days long, always haveing a start price, and sometimes a "buy it now" price. Here the car is coming direct from the seller, rather than an auction house, so you potentially save on the various auction house fees, however there is no auction report to cover the condition of the car. You can watch these auctions by adding them to your watch list, to see what prices the cars generally go for. Check it...

It is one thing to give you direct access to all the cars in Japan - but what about getting it to your doorstep? Find out all you need to know about Import Monster's car importing service. There are a variety of plans to suit your requirements & budget - all backed by our trademark top-shelf customer service. Check it...

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