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Retail price $3,499
Import Monster price $1,500

Power FC Suit Nissan S15
Retail price $1,500
Import Monster price $350

Aristo Leather Kit
Retail price $2,000
Import Monster price $1,000

Welcome to the Import Monster vehicle locating service.

Due to popular demand, Import Monster is now able to locate and manage every facet of importing the car of your dreams into Australia for you. Since launching on December 1 2007, Import Monster has quickly become a household name for anyone into Japanese performance cars. Through a combination of innovation, service and a reputation for consistently delivering on our promises, Import Monster has become synonymous with outstanding customer service.

It is this innovation and high level of service that has driven the demand from you, our customers, for us to offer more than just car parts.  It is the same drive that has made us assess what is currently on offer in the market and seek to set us apart from the rest. We recognise that different customers have different needs and will want different things from the company they choose to trust with the second largest purchase of their lives. We realise that some of you want to he hands on and all you really need is someone who can organise the Japan side of things and give you basic instructions on what to do once the car is purchased. We also realise that some of you don’t want to be bothered with the process except to give final approval on the car to buy and to be told where and when to send your money. We also realise that most of our customers fall somewhere in between the two. It has become clear to us that there is no “one size fits all” plan that will cater to everyone. If you’re happy to do most of the legwork, why should you be paying the same fee as the next guy, who doesn’t want to lift a finger until the car arrives at his doorstep? That’s why we offer three plans.

Our car importing manager brings 6 years importing experience to the table and along with that experience he has contacts industry wide to ensure the highest levels of service at every step of the importing process. Service that is consistent with what you have come to expect from Import Monster. Here at Import Monster, we aim to set the standard that others must follow in everything we do. That’s why we spend the time and energy to make sure every link in the chain is strong, that we everyone that is involved in the purchase of your car from beginning to end is the best in their field. We’ve shown you how easy it is to get parts for your car from Japan, now let us show you how easy it is to get your cars from Japan. Join the Import Monster car importing program and let us get you in a new car, for the price you decide!

What does Monster do for me?

As your importer, we assist you in locating the right car for you in Japan. We do this by:

  • having our buyers in Japan actively looking for your car
  • giving you the tools to locate yourself, via the various car auctions available on our site

No other importer in Australia gives you access to the range that we do. By keeping an eye on our site, you can quickly get a feel for how often certain cars come up, if they are generally stock or modified, and their condition.

What does importing a car cost?

There are a range of costs that are involved in importing a car, over and above the purchase price of the car. We have a car cost estimator which can help break these costs down, giving you an idea of what a particular car might cost landed & complied. The car cost estimator also has explanations of the various costs, by hovering your mouse over the various headings.

Why should I import via Import Monster?

Because we are crazy about Japanese cars just like you are! In fact, we are so fascinated with Japanese culture that we built our website around bringing the best of Japan to you, not only via our car auction search tools, but also our Yahoo Auctions Japan purchasing service. No other company in Australia has invested the time or money into such an extensive website to allow people to browse Japanese auctions.

We also run an Australian retail shop which is full of stuff ready for immediate pickup & delivery to your door. So if you were thinking of getting a set of rims or maybe an exhaust for your car, we might have just the thing in stock, ready to roll. Currently in the Import Monster car park we have a R32GTR, JZS147 Aristo and two S13's (one a wide body!). We know Japanese cars, are actively involved in the importing and car modifying community.

I'm ready to import! Where do we start?

Sweet! If you are ready to roll, then contact us for an import agreement. Once you have read and signed this agreement, along with paying our service fee, we will notify our guys in Japan of your request, and get them on the hunt. You can also check out the car auction section of our site, to see what is available at the auctions, chances are you'll find just what you are looking for. If you do, let us know straight away, with all car purchases you need to act fast!


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